We are traditional housewrights.

Traditional timber framing stands the test of time

Today’s timber framing is the culmination of thousands of years of wood building tradition developed to its highest form by temple and cathedral builders of Europe and Asia. We are integrators of traditional joinery with contemporary building systems to meet both code and environmental requirements. Every project is unique and our work is engineered to meet the specific needs of our customers. We are experts at using traditional methods to perfectly balance modern construction with old world craftsmanship. In fact, many clients say we take their ideas and “find a way to build them” when other shops try to talk them into alternate designs to fit their shop standards. We pride ourselves on making your original ideas come to life.

We Believe in Traditional Wood Joinery

True “Timber Frame” is assembled using large timbers that are connected with mortise and tenon joinery and secured with wooden pegs or wedges to form a structural framework. Some people use the term “Post & Beam”, but in this industry Post and Beam tends to refer to timber and often Glu-laminated Beams that are connected with metal bolts and brackets.

We prefer timber framing, even our workbenches are built with wood joinery. Timber Framing is a skilled craft and requires a broad understanding of wood and woodworking. Most modern carpenters think in terms of standard lumber, fastened with a hammer and nails. A Timber Framer in the Triton shop only chooses high quality timber and his main tools are mallets and an assortment of sharp chisels. We are dedicated to the craft.