Beauty, serenity, and strength

Solid timber has a warmth and character that brings calm and serenity to your home spaces. Timber is timeless. In fact, quality wood joinery has held the historic structures of the world together for hundreds of years against high winds, heavy snows, earthquakes, and the ravages of time.

The ultimate renewable resource

Timber framed structures are the highest and best use of a renewable resource. Triton has a wonderful selection of recycled timbers for your structures. We have several options in local woods that are harvested with a very low carbon footprint and others that carry Forest Stewardship Council certification.

The finishing touches

We put as much care into the details of ornamentation and finishing as we do the frame, by providing the following special touches:

Surfacing—Smooth-planed, hand-planed, wire brush rough sawn, hand-hewn timbers
or hand-peeled logs

Embellishments—Chamfered edges, curved timbers, carvings and hand-forged iron hardware

Finishing—Hand-rubbed finish with a clear penetrating oil sealer or stain.

AccessoriesDecking, flooring, doors, stair parts, cabinetry and insulated panel systems.